Friday, 8 August 2014

Viking Cruise 2014 - Day 6

Varberg to Vassingso anchorage 

9th June 2014

Light NW wind Force 3/4
Visibility good.
Distance sailed 16nm

This was the first day that we had the wind from the north. we left Varberg at about 10:00 hours  The point of sailing was a port tack to windward and I found that I was not sailing as efficiently to windward as the rest of the fleet. I quickly fell behind the rest of the fleet and as a result I resorted to using the engine. The citadel at Varberg took a long time to go out of sight. I was sailing on my own and out of sight of the rest of the fleet.

In the afternoon I sailed northwards by tacking within sight of a large nuclear power station Ringhals which again took a longer than I expected to sail past.
Ringhals power station.

At 18:30 hours I again started the engine to make some progress against increasing NW wind. I motored the final 6 miles Vassingso anchorage. where I met the rest of the fleet at 19:30 hours. I was grateful for a hot meal cooked by the crew of Windroos.

Drascombe fleet on my arrival in the fjord

  Later in the evening the raft of boats split up and we anchored separately in the Fjord for a quiet night at anchorage. I watched a colourful sunset and quickly retreated into the cabin when the mosquitoes came out to bite.

Drifter 22 Appuski too

An increasingly rocky coastline.

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