Thursday, 7 August 2014

Viking Cruise 2014 - Day 5

Falkenburg to Varberg

8th June 2014

Light SW wind F1/2
Clear visibility, Sunshine with occasional cloud.
Distance travelled 16.4 nm Average speed of 3 kts

Left Falkenburg at about 09:30 hours and made a maximum of 4 knots but averaged 2 knots or less. It was proving difficult conditions to maintain a decent cruising speed and so resorted to engine to maintain progress. I seemed to be one of the slower boats in the fleet. This may have been due to the efficiency and condition of the sails. The weight of the boat due to the amount of kit I was carrying, food and water. For a while I goose winged the sails by poling out the foresail with a whisker pole.
Arrived at Varberg at 15:20 hours.

Tyboat with unconventional Drascombe sail. 

Varberg citadel
 Varberg is the capital of Halland county and is well known for it's sandy beaches. The coastline changes at this point and becomes more rocky and continues all the way to the North Cape in Norway.

The Swedes have a great love of  large american cars.
 On our trip we saw a lot of american cars which were paraded around the streets "cruisin". This particular busy as it was prom night for the local high schools with graduating students parading through the streets to their Prom night Ball. They were dressed in evening dresses and dinner jackets.

Varberg was a ferry port for a service to Denmark. The ferry would manoeuvre within feet of the marina pontoons. 

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