Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Viking Cruise 2014 - Day 17

Batsto to Oslo

Saturday 20th June 2014
Distance travelled  13.6nm
Wind southerly F1-3 Overcast visibility

the fleet had become split with the remainder of the fleet at Son some 10nm south of Drobak. they were waiting for a spare part for the Gig Hippo. They finally left that morning after it's promised arrival. As we were the leading group and were on schedule to meet with Chris Solheim-Allan our local Drascombe representative. We left Batsto at about 12:00 hours and in the gentle breeze we sailed northwards the Steileine islands which were our planned meeting point. We met with Chris and his family and he then escorted us into Oslo and we berthed at the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club.


Chris Solhein_Allan's Coaster with monster Norwegian flag.

Viking Museum in Oslo 

Sculpture Park in Vigeland Park, Oslo

Norwegian Stave Church in Folk Museum 

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