Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Viking Cruise 2014 - Day 11

Mollosund to Kungshamm

Saturday 14th June 2014
NW 4-5, 6 in places. Good visibility Sunny
Distance travelled 22.8 nm

I left Mollosund at 09:30 hours with Douglas and his Drifter 22 in quite a strong NW wind with the intention of reaching an anchorage near the town of Kungshamm. In the restricted confines of the archipelago there was only one option that of motoring for the whole voyage. We followed the recommended route on the chart and it became  a route of islands and narrow passage ways. I was becoming oblvious to these ever changing views and if had not been the track recording on my chart plotter I would have great difficulty in actually remembering where we had been. The difficulty with sailing single handed and taking photographs is that in any sort of rough weather and the risk of spray getting on the camera that you tend not to take photographs. Here is a selection.

Our anchorage for the night was a closed inlet next to the island of Malmon. about 2 miles East of Kungshamm. Finding an anchorage was not easy as the best places were obstructed by a power line. We took a mooring buoy provided by the Swedish Cruising Association. Others moored to rings on the rocks and the Dutch boats were quite happy to anchor in the shallows.


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