Friday, 2 March 2012

Update on the jib sheet track

After much head scratching and an attempt to fill the holes with epoxy filler with a view to re drilling and then screwing the fixings back in with a hope that a new thread would be cut. The problem with that solution was that you would never be able to fill the void with epoxy. The screw fixings were only fixed to the thickness of GRP and not for the full length of the machine screws. I then explored a suggestion made by Stewart Brown of Churchouse Boats to use a plug fixing. A search of the racks at B&Q failed to find a suitable plastic plug. I then made a search of my own stock and found a rawplug type fixing made by Fischer.

I found that these would accept the 5mm machine screw and that they would need a 6mm hole. So the existing 5mm hole needed to be drilled out by 1mm. This I felt was not too a drastic alteration. When the plugs were fitted they were a nice tight fit as I did not want the plug to rotate in the hole.

I used epoxy with filler to glue the track down and the machine screws tightened up well. The track now feels quite firm and I hope is now secure. I will let you know if there are any problems.

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