Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Canvas pockets

An addition to the furniture of the boat. The last winter produced a lot of mold as a result of the poor quality tarpaulin I had over the boat. Mould cover the whole of the deck and in particular the inside of the boat. The previous canvas pockets were black with mold and not really suitable for further use.

My wife and I decided to make a custom made version which would fit on the back of the cabin wall to the left of the hatchway. The inset at the top of the pockets will fit around the back of my Garmin 451 chartplotter. The previous version over and therefore did not hang very well. There is sufficient length for them to finish above the locker entrance under the bridge deck.

These pockets are very useful to keep small things to hand whilst you are in the cockpit or in the cabin.

The canvas is uncoated acrylic canvas from PointNorth Fabrics in Anglesy. . The canvas was sewn on an ordinary domestic sewing machine. My wife will take orders if you want a simialer thing made.

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